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Getting Started


Before continuing with this section, follow the installation instructions in our Contribute section.

Development Instructions


This codebase requires Node 16. If you're using Node Version Manager, you can switch to version 16 by running nvm use 16 in your terminal.

You can check the current Node version by running node -v.

To develop for BobaBackend, you will need to start 3 separate components: the database, the cache, and the actual server.

Start DB

In a terminal, run the following command:

yarn run start-db

This command starts both the database (Postgres) and the cache (Redis).

Run development server

In a terminal, run the following command:

yarn run dev:watch

The above command will automatically restart the server on any code change you make. For some edits, like updates to .sql files, you might need to restart it manually.

How to manually restart the development server

Both of these actions need to be performed on the console where yarn run dev:watch is currently running.

  • Fancy Way: Type rs and press enter.
  • Bruteforce Way: Press Mash ctrl+c to stop the running process, then run yarn run dev:watch again.

You can test the server is running by opening http://localhost:4200/realms/slug/twisted-minds in any browser. You should now see a list of all the realm properties in JSON format.


Accessing a URL through a browser is equivalent to making a GET request to the same URL through Postman.