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The guide you're currently reading is called BobaDocs. It's built using Docusaurus.

This page is a brief overview of how Docusaurs' filesystem works, and how that maps to this documentation. More detailed information can be found in Docusaurus' own documentation.

Docusaurus Folder Structure

Docusaurus separates site content into four folders:

  • blog: containing blogposts (this is unused by BobaDocs at this time)
  • docs: containing the pages on the site
  • src: containing information on how to build the site, including styling
  • static: containing static site data, such as images

BobaDocs Folder Structure

All the documentation pages in BobaDocs are stored in the docs folder as .md files. In docs, there are four folders, each of which correspond to one of the guides on BobaDocs as shown below:

a screenshot of the git repo compared to the top navbar on BobaDocs. lines are drawn between items with similar names

Each of these guides has a different purpose:

  • User Guide/users: Describes how people on the site interact with the site in their day-to-day.
  • Product Guide/product: Provides a broad overview of BobaBoard's current setup/goals/etc. "What are the features that lead to what the users see, and how do they generally work?"
  • Engineering Guide/engineering: Provides a more granular overview of BobaBoard's current setup/goals/etc. "How is the code set up and what does it say, leading to the features described in the Product Guide?"
  • Volunteer Guide/volunteer: Exactly what it sounds like! Includes information relevant to all volunteers (ie policies and such) along with how to do non-tech volunteer work.

Opening any one of these folders will net you the files and folders that are in the guide. As an example, here's the Engineering Guide's files:

a screenshot of the git repo compared to the sidebar on BobaDocs. lines are drawn between items with similar names

Docusaurus uses the structure within each guide's folder to generate the sidebars for that guide. Each markdown file is a page, and they can be collected into groups in the sidebar by putting them all in a folder together.

Also of note: the URL of each page comes directly from this folder structure, with the URL following the pattern:[PATH TO FILE]

If you replace [PATH TO FILE] with the filepath in the repo, you get the URL for that file. The only difference is that the URL doesn't include the file extension .md. For example, the URL of this page, which has the filepath /docs/engineering/ is: