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Priorities and status

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

Current phase: pre-beta.

This page offers a global overview of BobaBoard's current roadmap. You can also check out our active sprints and projects for more specific details.

Current priorities

The next step in BobaBoard's journey is to leave the safe nest of a single community and broaden up our reach.

To do this, we're facing two major blockers:

  1. Technological: the BobaBoard software must be ready to support multiple communities coexisting in the same "installation" (done ✅), and community managers must have access to a baseline level of functionality that allows them to manage the community without Ms Boba's continuous intervention (in progress 💨).
  2. Organizational: the BobaBoard organization must be able to coordinate one (or more) team of volunteers maintaining and extending its functionality (never "done", but encouragingly successful ✅), as well as finding the right community managers to further grow the community (soon to start ⏸).

Maintaining a social network is hard work, and any project is at high risk of failure or "progress stallmate" without a strong team (and processes) backing it. While the technological challenges are important, it's the organizational effort that will make or break the project.

Current status

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

  • At the beginning of this year we launched the "fandom coders" community, a space where coders in fandom can come together to learn from each other, ask for advice, and collaborate on projects. The initial Fandom Coders Discord has been very successful, and the community is actively growing. There are clear, strong signals Fandom Coders will (more and more with time) lead to increased participations of fans in open source fandom projects, be them BobaBoard, Dreamwidth, AO3, or any other.
  • On 6/9, we officially launched our First Second Realm: the Fandom Coders Realm. This fundamental stepping stone gave us a concrete idea of where we stand on the road towards a multi-community platform: close enough to taste it. Unfortunately, the project had to take an unforeseen, hard break (cn: petloss) right after launch, which left the community in a limbo state. As we ramp our operations back up, we'll go back to growing the community, and expanding its functionality, activity, and reach.
  • In the month leading up to 6/9, we succesfully completed our first "volunteers sprint" (see below). During this time, a small team of volunteers collaborated tirelessly on our "Realm beta-ish sprint", a collection of tasks necessary to launch a pre-beta version of our Realms functionality and set up the Fandom Coders Realm. This sprint was a fundamental learning experience, and lead us to define a framework for our timed sprints, identify important areas of improvements for our technical documentation and processes, and train people other than Ms Boba on the intricacies of the BobaBoard codebase.
  • At the beginning of October, we open sourced the last of BobaBoard's codebases. The project is now fully open source, which means its code can be looked at, modified, and used by anyone. While this makes it theoretically possible for people to run their own BobaBoard instance, there is still a long way to go before we can reccommend anyone attempt to do so.
  • Throughtout these last months, we've been moving more and more of our processes and discussions out in the open. This is mainly being pursued by expanding the BobaBoard organization on GitHub, a state-of-the-art software for the management of open source projects. You can see examples of our work by browsing the issues tab, our ongoing projects, and our discussion(s).

And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention our April 1st project: FujoBoard, the modern evolution of the yaoi paddle (for actual sale).


A big shoutout to Sumana Harihareswara for her invaluable mentorship, which helped Ms Boba get her shit together improve BobaBoard's volunteering experience and general organization. We could not have done it without her!

Next up

As of October 2022, we're currently undergoing a "ramp-back-up" sprint—codenamed Annoyances Be Gone—meant to give volunteers and Ms Boba the chance to work some rust off after the forced break. During this sprint, we're solving some of the most common annoyances users and developers face on their BobaBoard journey, while defining and improving even more of our processes.

After this phase is over, we'll go back to working on Realms, and begin to focus on finding the right community managers to lead our further expansion.

For the most up-to-date information, check the sprints and projects page.