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Sprints and projects


The following data is pulled from our GitHub organization, and is automatically updated.


We're currently scheduling (~6-weeks long) thematic sprints, during which volunteers get together to work on a series of related bugs and features. Sprints are most often meant to advance overarching projects, and may share issues with them.

If you're interested in officially joining a current or future sprint, contact Ms Boba.

Current sprints

Nothing here right now

Future sprints

Nothing here right now

Closed sprints

The "almost there" Realms Sprint (🛫 February 1st 2023, 🛬 March 15th 2023)

Realms might be ready, but our community management strategy is not! Let's add some polish, pizzazz, and code stability as we prepare to welcome our future neighbors.

Realms beta(ish) sprint (🛬June 9th)

Let's sprint to a new 6/9 by launching our first (second) Realm!

The annoyances-be-gone sprint (🛫October 1st 🛬November 14th)

To get back into the swing of things after our forced break, we're fixing the small (and big) annoyances of BobaBoard's users and developers!


Projects capture overarching goals of BobaBoard, and track both completed and missing items currently on their roadmap. Not all BobaBoard's features and issues are captured in a project, and projects might be worked on during one or more sprints (or outside them as we see fit).

Realms Release Roadmap

Realms are the next step in BobaBoard's Road to Existence. They allow multiple communities, independently managed, to exist in the same server.

Roadmap to Seriousness

Make BobaBoard a serious open source project that is friendly to volunteers and follows all current best practices for open source software development.

Move to the New BobaEditor

Our current iteration of boba-editor is based on QuillJS, which is currently unmaintained. We should move to our new in-progress version, based on TipTap.