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This sections will contain a list of open positions, their requirements and expectations.

...but we aren't there yet.

In the meantime, you can sign up for volunteering through our tech and non-tech forms.

Q: I signed up for volunteering but never received a reply!

First of all, sorry about that! As Ms. Boba is the only person manning this ship, applications have sometimes slipped through the cracks.

We're currently in the process of creating a more robust volunteers management process. In the meantime, if you're bursting at the seams to get started, you can follow up with her via email.

Position Examples

This is a running list of potential positions. Since we haven't defined actual expectations, they're not theoretically open for applications. If you believe you have the necessarily skills and drive to fill one of them, you can sign up through our forms above and esplicitly mention your interest in it. If you believe a position not reflected here should be added, contact Ms. Boba.

  • Programming-related
    • Backend/frontend engineers, DB Admins, DevOps...
  • Designers
    • Both visual and UX
  • QA/Testing
  • Writer
    • Engineering Documentation
    • Product Guides
    • Tutorials
    • Newsletter/other comms
  • Marketing/Customer Research
    • User surveys
  • Data Entry
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Events Organizer
  • Bugs/Feature Requests Wrangler
  • Mentor
    • For junior engineers/designers or other relevant positons.
  • Legal