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The Ideal Volunteer

Below are some common traits of our most successful volunteers or are traits they aspire to/are working towards. The list is extensive, and you aren't required to meet them all every day and in every situation, because no one is perfect! However, if you find yourself frequently thinking you can't or don't want to do these things while reading the list, BobaBoard may not be a good cultural fit for you.


Highlight the must haves

General Traits

  • Can communicate in written English (imperfect English is welcome!)
  • Comfortable with a diverse environment in terms of background, culture, fandom experience and interests, gender, sexuality, identity, skills and more
  • Comfortable with mentions of sex and sexuality as they happen within fandom spaces
  • Comfortable with swearing (directed at code, not people) and occasional suggestive jokes or innuendo (not directed at specific volunteers)
  • Perseveres when things get difficult or stressful, but speaks up before their limits are passed or they aren't having a good time

Environmental Fit

  • Is ok with a work-in-progress environment where fast-paced change is the norm
  • Willing to learn, grow, and try new things to make each iteration better than the previous one with an understanding that we take a long-term view and approach to what we're building
  • Help us with learning to balance the seriousness of an ambitious project with the whimsical nature of being in a fandom environment
  • Thrives in a non-hierarchical environment where no one can force you (or others!) to complete tasks or change certain behaviors... or willing to ask for the support they need to do so
  • Communicates and advocates for themselves and is willing to put in the work to help shape the space to meet their needs

Team Relationships

  • Trusts and respects people who share this journey with them
  • Receives feedback gracefully while giving it respectfully and constructively
  • Extends grace when others make mistakes and approaches the discussion of issues with a blameless mindset
  • Knows their needs and limitations. Assesses whether a given task/project is a good fit for them. Is willing to ask for help when needed, but recognizes and mentions when a wrong assignment has been made

Apply to Volunteer

Upcoming calls for volunteers will be put out through our volunteering newsletter. Please sign up and keep an eye out for opportunities that interest you!


All BobaBoard spaces are 18+ only. If you're below that age, you'll be ineligible to volunteer. We'll be happy to have you once you're all grown up!

By signing up for the volunteering newsletter you certify you're of legal age.

Volunteering Newsletter


Q: Do I need to apply for a specific role?

Right now we're onboarding people based on teams. Since we do not have fixed roles, you will be able to move around and try on different tasks after your onboarding. You can learn more about how roles work in our organization in the BobaBoard Teams(s) page.

Q: What are the expectations for volunteers? What if my availability changes?

We understand that life is complicated, and we strive to be flexible with expectations and commitments. Especially because many BobaBoard volunteers come from marginalzied or underrepresented communities, shit often tends to unpredictably hit the fan.

If you have to walk back on a commitment made, we won't hold it against you. To learn more about volunteering expectations go to the Volunteering in Practice page.

Q: I signed up for volunteering but never received a reply!

First of all, sorry about that! As Ms. Boba is the only person manning this ship, applications have sometimes slipped through the cracks.

We're currently in the process of creating a more robust volunteers management process. In the meantime, if you're bursting at the seams to get started, you can follow up with her via email.