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General BobaBoard Etiquette

As mentioned in other parts of the Guide, our two current Realms have more in common than not in common. Below you'll find the guidelines for the type of culture we're looking to cultivate in these Realms and their common rules.


Please keep in mind that as more Realms open, each Realm will have the opportunity to define its own rules and code of conduct. The below guidelines only apply to v0 and Fandom Coders Realms.

Our Values

  • Respect.

    • Be mindful and courteous to fellow users.
    • Value de-escalation of conflict.
    • Respect identities, interests, boundaries, and kinks without making public judgment.
    • Act honestly and in good faith.
    • Don't insult people or call them by terms they would likely reject.
    • Respect people's pronouns if they choose to give them.
    • Do not engage in online harassment or doxxing.
  • Hate speech will not be tolerated.

    In general, this can be summarized as, “no racism, sexism, ableism, etc.” More specifically, we ask that users respect the following:

    • Intersectionality is important.
    • Be mindful about appropriating or misusing symbols and imagery that are important to other communities.
    • Don't debate people's lived experiences, even if you disagree with their conclusions.
    • Racism is a real, systematic, and ongoing issue.
    • Ableism is real and has profound impact on those it affects.
    • Don’t fat-shame.
    • Respect everyone’s right to sexual freedom.
    • Sex work is work.
    • People have the full right to self-identify as the gender they choose.
    • Don't debate who belongs or doesn't belong in the LGBT+ community.
  • Be supportive.

    This does not mean that you must agree with everyone on every issue or that someone's feelings can't be hurt during a misunderstanding. It does mean that you should not go out of your way to tear down another user or seek to intentionally cause harm.

  • Respect people's squicks/triggers.

    Please add content notices to posts when asked. Please also do not get upset if moderators add content notices to your posts for you.

    For more information on content notices and tagging, please see Tagging.

Posting Guidelines

  • There is no such thing as necroposting! Feel free to comment on threads no matter their age. You're not bothering anyone with notifications or by giving them someone to talk to.

  • Respect the Original Posters's (OP's) wishes. In threads, OP has the final say on what is allowed on their thread. Making a different thread to discuss something OP would rather not touch upon is allowed, but avoid "subtle" jabs at the previous OP (trust us, they're never subtle). In other words, please be thoughtful and cautious when 'vagueblogging' or 'subtweeting' about in Realm posts.

  • Please do not continue pressing an issue after someone has asked you to stop. This aligns with our respect value. It's simply not a good way to de-escalate conflict and is not courteous. Reminder: please also be respectful when requesting someone drop a conversation or leave a thread.

  • If you need help interpreting the tone of a message, responding to a difficult message, or de-escalating a situation, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Boba, a Discord moderator, or complete the anonymous form for your Realm. We are always willing to help you if you're uncomfortable or just aren't sure how to proceed.