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The v0 Realm

The v0 Realm is the Alpha version of BobaBoard, the place where the magic started and the flagship of the BobaBoard concept. It's a little wacky and a little off the beaten path. If you're interested in seeing what BobaBoard is all about, check out the below information to see if V0 might be a good fit.

How to Sign-Up

Would you like it?


The v0 realm is open for NSFW materials to be posted everywhere; it is not constrained to a single board. Please use caution when viewing boards and be sure to read content notices and other indicators carefully. Although members often use content notices and spoilers as a courtesy, this is voluntary and their use is not required or enforced/moderated.

V0 users are one-part volunteer, one-part extremely patient alpha testers, and one-part "anything goes" users.

The people who fit in best in V0 are those who are okay dealing with the quirks of a site still under active development and who are willing to not only put up with bugs, weird behaviors, and occasional site breakages, but who are also not afraid to report it.

In general, V0 users need to be okay with managing their own risk - i.e. muting threads or boards that contain things they don't want to see, actively avoid content notices that might trigger or squick them, and who are willing to handle not being able to filter or block certain tags or content. Quality of life features like filtering and blocking are on the way, but have taken a backseat to things like moderation tools for Realms.

V0 users should also be able to follow the General BobaBoard Etiquette without needing intense moderator oversight. That doesn't mean that moderation never happens, but it does mean that users need to be self-aware enough to make sure they aren't crossing lines and escalating situations without meaning to.

There is a strong presence of fan creators and fandom community leaders, furries, and people who are into "problematic content" often not welcome in other communities (i.e. vore, gore, lolisho, torture, incest, etc). Although it's not a requirement that you consume or produce content with these themes, you do have to be okay with interacting and (anonymously) being friends with people who consume that content.

If this all sounds like a good fit, feel free to ask for an invite.

How to Get an Invite

Please email the realm admin listed for V0 on the Realm Admins page. Please be sure to include the Realm name (VO) and an email you want to have the invite sent to (particularly if it's different than the one you're emailing from!).

Help! I forgot my password!

Please email for help with resetting your password. If you email from the email address you used for sign-up, she'll be able to assist easier.