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BobaBoard has four types of tags for threads. Each type of tag allows you to communicate additional information to readers or organize threads in a board.

Whisperblack text on a white background "» An announcement from your headmaster!"bottom of threadnonecomments
Hashtaga red-orange pill tag with "# bobapost" in white textbottom of thread#identify additional topics
Categoriesa blue pill tag with "+ even" in white textbottom of thread+canonical tags for filtering
Content Noticesan orange-yellow pill tag with "cn: harassment psa" in dark texttop of threadcn:warnings

At this time, we cannot sort, filter, or search on tags other than categories.

Whisper Tags

Entered into the tag field without any prefix, whisper tags allow you to make additional commentary on your thread. They aren't searchable and don't clog up organizational tags. Feel free to write as much as you want in the tags without "bothering" anyone.

Whisper tags display at the bottom of threads. They are black text on white background in the Default theme and have a small lighter colored » that displays in front of the text.


Set by putting # at the beginning of a tag, these identify additional topics that are in the thread.

Hashtags display after the main text of threads and are displayed on a red-orange pill-shape with white text.


Categories are organizational tags for boards which allow you to filter for posts with a similar category. They are added to threads by putting + at the beginning of a tag. Users can add any categories they wish to their post to allow for filtering on that category. To filter click on the category on the thread, and choose filter from the pop-up.

In addition, to these user-defined categories, categories may be made "canonical" by being added to the board sidebar to aid in easier filtering. Canonical categories are set by the development team currently.

Categories have a blue pill-shaped background and have white text.

Content Notices

Set by putting cn: at the beginning of a tag, content notices are moved above the thread to give people a warning about potentially NSFW, triggering, or upsetting content that are in the thread, it's comments, or contributions so that they can skip it, mute it, hide it, or be better prepared.

Content notices appear with a orange-yellow pill background (reminiscent of a caution road sign) with black text.