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Development Status

The first BobaBoard Realm was quickly prototyped by Ms. Boba as a proof of concept. Because of this, a lot of BobaBoard's features and design elements are still rough around the edges. We're currently working to build a core team, including volunteers, to bring the project to the next level. We're also in the process of straightening up our bug tracking and clarifing our roadmap.

When in doubt, please err on the side of reporting clearly non-functional items, obvious error messages, or things that just don't "seem right".

At the present moment, we're particularly interested in:

  • anything that makes you go "aaargh" at least 3x per visit
  • when you feel dumb because you can't understand something
  • when you wish a feature was more like one on [that other website that does it better]
  • when you give up trying to do something or find something
  • things that you enjoy, feel intuitive, or overall good impressions

While we appreciate all reports, here's some stuff that we're currently putting on the back burner:

  • Issues with performance or JavaScript bundle size
  • Visual improvements (unless particularly rage-inducing)
  • Must-haves for a polished, production website that current users can still work around (e.g. unreadable, too-deeply nested comments, inability to delete posts)

Please remember that BobaBoard is still in its inception. While we foresee our broad concepts (e.g. Realms, boards, contributions/comments, tags, roles) to be here for the long run, we're open to thoughtful suggestions and opinions.


As mentioned above, we like to hear what's working with BobaBoard and what isn't. Below are the easiest ways for you to submit feedback.

We do ask, no matter what method you use to submit feedback or whether your feedback is positive or negative, that you keep in mind real volunteers who you are probably sharing BobaBoard with are working hard to develop the site. Please try to open issues, report bugs, and make feature suggestions and requests respectfully, no matter how frustrating a situation might be.

You can provide feedback by: